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A Bit About LadyB Bridal

"She makes you laugh, and feel so comfortable, I always feel at ease in her presence"


So this is where I'm meant to put a big old business blurb and a campaign to get you to choose me, but thats just not me.

The honest truth is I love my work, almost as much as I love my Husband, human Babies and fur Baby.

I love spending my days helping humans of all varieties feel glamorous and wonderful on their big day. I'm a huge talker who loves to get to know my guests, many of whom have become very good friends.

Over the 20 years I've been in doing hair and makeup for Weddings, I've become a huge advocate for supporting others, and love to collaborate with everyones fabulous ideas, so please do feel free to book a zoom and coffee chat with me before we even meet for a trial to see if we fit.


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